Genuine Amethyst Silver Pentacle Pendulum Necklace WN11


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Genuine Amethyst Silver Pentacle Flower Pendulum Necklace

by the answer pendulum

Always have your pendulum available by wearing this beautiful genuine amethyst, silver pentacle pendulum necklace.

  • Genuine amethyst pendulum
  • Silver base metal pentacle & chain
  • Glass beads of various sizes
  • Pendulum is 1.5″
  • Chain length to top of pendulum is 24.5″
  • Comes with a purple organza pouch
  • Handcrafted in the USA
Amethyst is said to:
  • enhance ones spiritual abilities
  • assist in connecting the physical and spiritual planes
  • intuition
  • strength
  • self-esteem

The pentacle/pentagram:

  • ancient symbol widely used in many eras, cultures & religons
  • 4 elements/4 directions & spirit


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